Sunday, January 20, 2008

Enter the Year of Rat

According to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of Mickey Mouse, the Rat. According to the Chinese zodiac signs, Sachin Ketkar, born in the year 1972, is also a Rat. Which means that this is my year. Only the Buddha knows how it will turn out for this Rat. It, indeed, has started on a happy note for some reasons best known to me. ( You dont expect me to make certain things public do you )

I lost my uncles, the last one to go was Jadish Kaka, who died yesterday. Not that I was particularly close to them, I had three uncles once and now I have none.

Baba was operated upon for cataract this year, thanks to vigilance of Ashwini who discovered that he could not differentiate between yellow and red!!

Baba sold off the house in Valsad that he had built and where we spent most of our life in Valsad in Diwali and we are on a frantic `House Hunting' mission ever since. Lets hope we succeed this year.

It was also the year of psychotherapy and anti depressants. I have been on anti-depressant for over a year now and it seems to be working. What have I got out of the treatment? Yes I dont crack up and go to pieces over touchy things. I have a better self esteem. There is lesser negativity in my thinking. I have been able to discover that I need to face the facts and not run away from them. That relationships, health and lifestyle should be given priority over the other things that I have been doing. As my doc says I need to have a better balance in my life.

At the workplace, I was given a pc, a net connection and a name plate last year. That enables me to spend more time in my cabin and it will also enable me to work upon that novel I have been dreaming of. Lets hope I succeed in that too.

I have started dabbling in things which I had stopped playing around with: Past life, occultism and what not. Reading Brian Weiss and practicing self-hypnosis and pranayama and the god knows what. The poet's shortcomings, after all. The poet Rat nibbling at many things.

Amid the fear of losing my creative powers, I actually ended up performing well as a writer and critic this year. Boy, I am raring to go..but at what???

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