Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Case of a Solitary Cyclist

Yours faithfully gave up his experiments with swimming long time back. Thanks to a series of viral infections and other headaches. I will definitely resume it, once winter recedes. In the mean time, I have brought a bicycle for myself today and I am loving it! Bicyling after decades is fun-The Return of the Repressed Desire to break loose on bicycle is bliss. I hope to do a bit of loadshedding. My Six Pack Abs where each pack is actually a tire of ugly jelly fat should disappear or else I will disappear from this planet sooner. I am trying to come out of my personal Slough of Despond and as per my psychiatrist, I have to incorporate my excerise into my life style if it is to make any difference. I am looking for the excerises I enjoy. Swimming and cycling are cool and also liberating. I am looking forward to winter to go on a backfoot, so that I may jump into the pool of regression once again.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Chaapaner Poem

I visited Chaampaner or Champaner, a village near Pavagadh, which was once upon a time capital of Gujarat, as one of babysitters for TYBA English students' picnic. I visited the beautiful place after good dozen years. I remember going to Champaner as an MA student in the dept as one of the volunteers for Heritage Trust programme, featuring a dance by Mallika Sarabhai. I took some interesting pics there during my recent visit. I also wrote a poem on my trip. So here it goes
My fingers chase a fleeting convoy of teals
Across the still lake of my page
An absence sinks
Through the sieve of dried teak leaves
of my eyes
My fingers trap
the reflections of the vanishing teals
the birds fly away unaware
a stray poem
surfaces from nowhere
( Champaner, Wada Talav, 1 Dec 2007,11:50 am)