Monday, October 16, 2006

Asthma under control and Enter the Snake

After heavy medication, asthma seems to be on retreat.

Amogh and Aai were standing on the veranda when a huge black snake crossed the street. Vikram Baug, the residential quarters alloted to us by the university, is actually a zoo. We have plenty of monkeys, serpents, squirrels, all sorts of insects and what not around us.

Actually Vadodara belongs to monkeys, snakes and squirrels. Humans have colonized it, appropriated it and spoilt it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Entry for October 14, 2006

While my blog on MSN deals with my life as a writer, I felt that this `Bakhar' would be the place to give the khabar related to my life.

So whats up doc? Nothing much except that my best friend Mr. Asthma has returned with a vengence. Or rather that he was always by my side, only that he was `managed' and so forgotten. From past three days he says that enough of `management' and out with it. So experimenting with medicines and moods. I did not have even a wink of sleep last night and sleep seems to have evaporated. And my best friend seems to go off like a time bomb at four. They describe it as being `triggered'. So waiting and watching nervously what my trigger happy companion will do next.