Thursday, June 25, 2009


A typical academic year begins with the ritual of form verfication and admission. The university has announced many teaching vacancies this year and I am toying with the idea of applying for professorship. Lets see what happens.

I transfered the content from my other blogs to this one. The blog which highlighted my personal life was on 360 Yahoo and they say they are going to close it down. The blog dealing with my life as a writer was on . This blog was a kind of freestyle one for commenting on whatever I wanted. Now I will stick to this one to save hassles and headaches.

Moving to our new house is also on our cards and wondering when to start doing it. By the end of this year? The Divali vacations? When?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Returned from Pune

Returned from Pune today. Not very exciting one but I needed a break. But I am not definitely in good spirits as I simply hated travelling in 3rd Ac as it was so congested and the berths so low that I kept bumping my head everytime I moved it.
Visited PL Deshpande Udyan and found it fascinating. It is styled according to the philosophy of traditional Japanese gardening . It was so very peaceful.
Met Dilip Chitre, first time after he was taken seriously ill. He looked weak and has lost plenty of weight. But he is recovering. I know he is a fighter. I really admire that man. He can be unpleasant but he has this thing for taking out best from the people around him. He asked me if I still write poetry in English and what I was translating. Very inspiring. He had an exhibition of his paintings at Pundole and this man painted two more paintings on the very day I visited him. He told Mohan Borse that he paints at least two canvasses a day! Thats the spirit. I look up to him as my teacher, a stern one no doubt, but from whom I have learned a lot.
Met my Marathi poet friends Mangesh Kale, Saleel Wagh and Sandip Deshpande. Had a good time. I visited Saleel at his place as he had injured his feet. Mangesh as usual was brimming with ideas and plans.
Pankti and Vispi are very enthusiastic about Landmark Education programme and have kindly gifted me the membership for July 2009 Forum. Now as I am willing to go anywhere for improving my well being, I am going to give it a shot- remember my tryst with Past Life Regression? It is part of Aga Aga Mhashi phenomenon.
Brought many Marathi plays and films on dvd from Deccan Gym. I watch Ghashiram Kotwal and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. It again reminded me of Handoo's Palace Paradigm. Must say Tendulkar's plays are more complex than his political beliefs. The play ostentetiously refers to the post seventies manipulation of Shiv Sena by the Congress Govt to crush the socialist communist trade union movement, but the play however is more complex and universal. It shows how resistance is most often co-opted by the power structure.
My computer again is not keeping well, I will have to change its RAM. Yogeshbhai, my PC wala came and recommended me to change the RAM...