Thursday, April 21, 2011

समकालीन मराठी समीक्षा: काही प्रश्न सचिन केतकर

तुमच्या मते 

१) समीक्षा म्हणजे काय? समीक्षेच प्रयोजन काय व एकंदरीत साहित्य संसकृतीत समीक्षेचे कार्य काय?

२) स्वातंत्रोतर काळातली महत्वाची मराठी समीक्षा /समीक्षक/ ग्रंथ/लेख कोणते? व का?

३) इतर भारतीय भाषेत महत्वाची समीक्षा /समीक्षक/ ग्रंथ/लेख कोणते? का?

४) इंग्रजी सहित जगातल्या इतर भाषेत महत्वाची समीक्षा /समीक्षक/ ग्रंथ/लेख कोणते? का?

५) राजकिय भूमिकेतून लिहीलेली समीक्षा महत्वाची वाटते का?

६) ‘चळवळी’ आणि ‘समीक्षा’ मधल्या नात्या विषयी काय म्हणने आहे?

७) अनियतकालिक चळवळीतून समोर आलेल्या समीक्षेचे काय महत्व?

८) विसाव्या शतकाच्या उत्तरार्धात पुढे आलेल्या पाश्चात्य ‘सैद्धान्तिक’ समीक्षेचे (Theory) 
   आजच्या मराठी समीक्षेत स्थान काय?

९) जागतिकीकरणाचा आणि समीक्षेचा काय संबंध आहे?

१०) स्वातंत्रोतर मराठी साहित्याच्या (१९४७-२०११) ईतिहासलेखना विषयी काय वाटतं?

११) तुम्हाला समकालीन मराठी कवितेच्या बाबतीत कोणता सैद्धान्तिक अभिगम/ दॄष्टीकोन योग्य वाटतो?

१२) तुमच्या लेखनावर समीक्षेचा/समीक्षकांचा प्रभाव आहे का? कोणत्या?

१३) मराठीत आजच्या पिढीच्या समीक्षेबद्दल काय वाटते? 

१४) एकंदरीत मराठी समीक्षेची बलस्थाने व उणीवा कोणत्या वाटतात?

१५)  साहित्याच्या भवितव्याचा आणि समीक्षेच्या दर्ज्याचा संबंध आहे काय? आहे तर कोणता/कसा?

ह्या प्रश्नांच्या निवडक उत्तरांना बडोद्याहून लवकरच प्रकाशित होणार्या ’उंट’ ह्या अनियतकालिकात स्थान देण्यात येईल.

उत्तर हया पत्यावर किंवा
डॊ. सचिन केतकर, असोसीयट प्रोफ़ेसर इन ईंगलीश, फ़ेकलटी ओफ़ आर्ट्स, द महाराजा सयाजीराव युनिव्हर्सिटी, बदोदे, गुजरात,
३९०००२ ह्या पत्त्यावर पाठवावे.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Did I get Out of Participation in Landmark Worldwide A Quick Look

Landmark Worldwide is one of the most powerful education and training programs in the world which provides hands on training in producing dramatic results in those areas where we have not been able to produce results (only program of its kind).  It empowers and enables you to live life powerfully and live the life you love by making you capable of getting what is important to you and your life. It is designed to cause positive and permanent shifts in various areas of your life.

I did the Landmark Forum in July 2009 and participated in various courses offered by Landmark Education.  I created dramatic and positive shifts in overall quality of life and in particular the following areas:

Serial No
Area of Life
Before Landmark Education
After Landmark Education
Created Possibility
Enormous anger especially with mother and wife. I either used to explode and take it out on them or on myself or suppress it.  Created depression, loneliness and lack of desire to live.
Very little anger and can dismantle it without suppressing it.
Found out the source of my anger in incidents in the past and narratives I held as gospel unquestionable truths about her and learnt to dismantle them.
Love, Affinity and peace in family. Peace of Mind and happiness.
Self Esteem
Very low self esteem lacked confidence and assertiveness
Used to blame myself.

Considered myself a 'team player' rather than as leader.
Created positive and powerful self image.

Can relate to myself as a leader.
Leadership, confidence and courage. Power
Used unproductive teaching techniques (‘spoon feeding/broadcasting) and kept a distance from students and colleagues.  Not effective in dealing with stress and meeting deadlines. Had no vision of my role in society.
Far more effective teaching method (learner-centric and interactive), improved rapport with students.
 Effective in dealing with stress and meeting deadlines.

Have a vision of my role in society of creating a culture of relevant research in this country.

Took on bigger roles as co-ordinating departmental research projects, state-level training programs and so on
Effective and powerful in teaching and mentoring. Fulfillment and Job satisfaction
Health and Well being
Deteriorating physical and mental health due to chronic asthma.

Heavy medication for asthma, related illness and depression.

Enormous improvement in health and well being.

Reduced medication.
Positive shift in health and well being.
Ineffective listening skills, though good with ideas and thoughts, unable to express emotions and feelings , not being with the people
Better listening skills,
Can listen to people without prejudice.
Can listen to people’s deepest concerns
Can express my innermost feelings and thoughts.

Love and affinity. Positive impact on all areas of life.

For more information check out their website: Landmark Worldwide

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