Friday, May 15, 2009

Stressed Syllables

Stressed Syllables
Planning to leave for Pune on 20th May and attend many weddings but plenty of assessment and exam work on hands and hence I am under lot of stress to finish things. The heat wave is on but seems to have softened a bit. The general elections results would be out tomorrow and everyone expects a hung parliament again. The defining feature of the post nineties national politics is the reality of the hung parliament. It goes hand-in-hand with the end of ideologies and probably even the end of ideas.

Pankti is extremely enthusiastic about the Landmark Forum workshops her entire family is taking. Vispi and Pankti want me to undergo the forum too. I dont mind at all, given the ` aga aga mhashi' philosophy which I have already mentioned once on the blog. I am willing to go anywhere and do anything to gain physical and mental health.

I restarted my swimming lesssons after a break of almost a year. This start- stop method is taking me nowhere. What I want now is good consistent practice to improve my hands, legs and breathe co-ordination.

Watched a good number of films too. Good ones are `Martian Child', Halloween, and Pulp Fiction. Films like Halloween and Pulp Fiction convince me that the Western society is essentially mentally deranged or even psychopathic. Mindless violence. Comedies are a big relief. Martian Child was very impressive. Princess Diaries and Runaway Bride are extremely funny. Loved them.