Saturday, January 26, 2008

Republisizing the Spirit of Republic: Owing up the Responsibility

Today is the fifty ninth Republic day for our country-one more festival and a holiday for most of us. Though we are keyed up over festivals and holidays, the spirit behind `republic' doesnt seem to have appealed to us. Hardly are we aware of what it is about, except for a vague notion of `giving' our selves a text called ` Constitution of India', most of us arent very sure of whats the big deal about it.

In theory, this day is about empowering the people of India. It also we are solely responsible for what we have done to ourselves. If India is a poor, underdeveloped, semifeudal and corrupt state, it is because we have chosen it to be that way. It is the day on which we should ownup the responsibility for the state we are in today. We have chosen and elected the people who decide the future for us and if they are not capable or if they lack will to take us ahead, we solely are to be blamed.

The constitution of India, that idealistic document, framed by some of the wisest people in our country has remained merely a paper tiger. I wonder if we were ever fit to be `republic' and it is high time we understood the notion and the spirit of republic once again. It is high time we republicized the spirit of republic.

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