Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Case of a Solitary Cyclist

Yours faithfully gave up his experiments with swimming long time back. Thanks to a series of viral infections and other headaches. I will definitely resume it, once winter recedes. In the mean time, I have brought a bicycle for myself today and I am loving it! Bicyling after decades is fun-The Return of the Repressed Desire to break loose on bicycle is bliss. I hope to do a bit of loadshedding. My Six Pack Abs where each pack is actually a tire of ugly jelly fat should disappear or else I will disappear from this planet sooner. I am trying to come out of my personal Slough of Despond and as per my psychiatrist, I have to incorporate my excerise into my life style if it is to make any difference. I am looking for the excerises I enjoy. Swimming and cycling are cool and also liberating. I am looking forward to winter to go on a backfoot, so that I may jump into the pool of regression once again.

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