Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Regressing into the pool of amniotic waters again!

Started my swimming lessons today. Old dogs trying out new tricks in the water. When I was very young, I remember entering the pool and the chlorinated water brought about a bout of nausea and the depth of water brought about a terrible fright. Consequently, it did not go continue long. After almost a decade and half, I entered the pool today and loved it. I am trying to stay afloat, hold my breath and what not. Obviously I need some good exercise badly. Being overweight is not a good thing at this age ( or at any age for that matter). Was planning to learn swimming from long. Lets hope I learn it properly.

Swimming is keeping with my amphibian existence, divided between the devilish lands and the deep sea, the translator's existence. Regressing into the pool of amniotic water is also in keeping with my existence as a poet. Poetry is obviously regression, like other best things in life.

Hoping to lose pounds, if not earn dollars. Hoping to have some fun.

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