Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hail Virus!

All hail Virus, my beloved Virus, my ateethi, my Devo and My Bhavah! My friend, my philosopher and my Text-cum-Guide! Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent! I have offered thee my flesh, I am your host, you are my dear parasite. You have been a real real pain in my ass, not to mention my neck and other significant parts of my body. When will I be able to get rid of thee?

Viral infection has laid me low from fortnight and it is a hellish thing. I cant sleep or keep awake or read as my body aches and drowsy numbness gets hold of me as if a glass of hemlock have I drunk and I feel as if I am headed Lethewards.

Couldn't go for FY comp English lectures which were to begin from today. I think it is every year that I have to sacrifice weeks or fortnights to viral infection.

Met Joglekar's family doctor, Dr. Potbhare, one who eats to his full, and he gave me enough medication to keep my belly full of tablets and bullets and bombs.

When will this bloody thing leave me? I feel as if I am punished by God who resembles the Deadly villain of Hindi Movies- Ajit, the Daan. As if he has immersed me in Likweed Aksigen; the likweed does not allow me to live and Aaksigen doesn't allow me to die.

Reading the Satanic Verses these days and feel that Rushdie is one of the most badmash writers in the world and his place should be in hell along with Balzac, Sterne and Cervantes. I can feel him howling with laughter when angrez log scamperfor their dictionaries to find out the meaning of `Chootia', I can also imagine him bellowing with boisterous belly laughter as they would inquire about its meaning with some Hindi knowing Gentlemen and Gentlewomen.

The references to the Prophet are really mean and I do suspect `malicious intentions' of the author. No wonder they are gunning for him.

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