Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sinbad’s Afterlife Blues: A Poem by Sachin Ketkar

Sinbad’s Afterlife Blues
Sachin Ketkar

Ocean is an old discarded myth.

I hear the leisurely blue songs
Of the whale swimming
At the back of my mind
I view her sprout jets of love
As she dives and crashes
I thought she was an island
On which I could live
But she fled.

I have gone down under the waves of sleep
Waters as voluptuous as death
Have engulfed me

When I open my eyes
The world turns its back upon me

They say
She is just a blue apparition
On an inky night

Her songs are the merely moving ridges
Tumbling over one another

Plug your ears they say

Now that I am just a pallid corpse
Floating like a weed under the sea
I will reach out to her

And let her secret songs
Run like silk through my veins

12 August 2010                     12 pm


Unknown said...

Very nice poem sir, keep writing..good luck..:)

Akshay said...

Beautiful, wonderful and moving...loved it!

Vivekanand Jha said...
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