Sunday, October 14, 2007

Intimations of Digital (Im)Mortality

Some days ago, during an academic meet, a senior professor professed that blogs confer immortality of sorts upon people. What shall I do with this immortality of my Digital Soul, when my second-wave Ist Generation Soul experiences mortality every moment?

But it is true that this world wide web phenomenon is a very liberating one as Chitre once rightly observed. The World Wide Web is a small place too, and you bump into the same people- as on Orkut or Facebook-often!

The Net will change the way people relate to each other and to things. It will also change the way writing relates to society and the way society relates to writing. But how and in what way? Who knows? time alone will tell. It will change the way people `publish' things and the way people `read' stuff probably. No,the old fashion first generation `book' wont give way to ebook, but probably in some other way. How? Well who can tell?

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