Sunday, December 19, 2010

Texture of Forgetfulness: A New Poem by Me

Texture of forgetfulness
Slips away from my fingers

I don’t even remember how it felt

Probably it was like sand or silk
Or like a young woman’s curves
Or like nothingness
Or like feathers of a dead sparrow

Texture of forgetfulness is like daylight
Inside which we can see everything clearly

For instance when I am on my bike
I don’t see the vacant spaces between vehicles
The spaces which would be vacant
And those which are already vacant

Texture of forgetfulness
Is like the eyes
Limpid and sharp
In their absence
I don’t even see
What I am not seeing
Even the invisibility
Is invisible to me

Texture of forgetfulness is like a poem
We have forgotten to write
We don’t even remember what it was
And how it went
Or where it went

I dream of touching forgetfulness
Which is full like a cup of tea
Or empty like the forgotten sea

I smell the texture of forgetfulness

It smells the touch of mother’s saris
Before she went away to sleep
Or dad’s trousers
When he used to take me out for Bruce Lee movies

I listen to the texture of forgetfulness
It sounds like the music of the forgotten son
Which you can’t even replay in your heads

Texture of forgetfulness grows like a cobweb
On a winter afternoon

I feel like a lazy spider
Spinning the web of my forgetfulness
Trying to trap some unknown buzzing words
Which I don’t even know
They exist.

19 December 2010
2.55 pm


Chaitali said...

Being a forgetful person myself, I can understand what you mean. Though, note the best person to judge poetry, I quite like the concept..

Milind said...

Really superb! I read it again and again.... Excellent!