Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Landmark in the Journey of my Life

I took Landmark Education’s basic programme ‘The Forum’ last year and my life is no longer what it used to be. People keep asking me what the hell is this and why the hell are you promoting it all over the place? Answer to the second question follows from the answer to the first.

Landmark is first and foremost a very intensive workshop.  Here we are taught how to redesign, recreate and reprogramme our entire life into something much more fulfilling, effective and powerful. The programme does this by helping us to see for ourselves what is holding us back and what is creating the mess of a life we are living. More importantly, once we see what is holding us back and creating problems in our life, we are taught how to overcome these things. This is done with hands-on approach, where we work on our problems; see for ourselves what is creating them, and how we can do away with them. We are shown ways about how to go about doing it.

What Landmark does is it enables us to locate our own ` blind spots’-the zones of being which we have not seen and which not only have caused misery and suffering in our life, but also have enabled us to get results which we have been getting  all these years in rather unfulfilling ways

It is not `spirituality’ as we know it and it is not psychotherapy. It is applied philosophy.  The philosophy that owes a lot to Heidegger’s philosophy of being and language. Philosophy not as reflection or meditation or theorization, but as actual living in-this-very-world, our day-to-day life.

 Before Landmark, though my life would appear alright from outside,  I was on the verge of total emotional and physical collapse. Life seemed a prison house.  I felt I was trapped in all the agonizing relationships including the ones with inanimate beings like my Pc or my two-wheeler! I felt that the decades old asthma, embittered relationships, depression and abysmally low self esteem resulted in a life of misery. I had gathered huge amounts of RDX in the form of hidden anger in the cold storage of my soul which would not be seen but occasionally would blow up in the face of people close to me, especially my mother and my wife. I was on the verge of a divorce and nervous breakdown. I had to consume hundreds of milligrams of corticosteroids for my asthma every day and I was on antidepressants and medical counseling.

My work at the college was deeply affected. I had great difficulty in meeting deadlines and what ever I did was a messy thing.

Today, I have cleared my storage space of the RDX. My wife says that I don’t store up my anger and explode. I am no longer a monster. Confidence is no longer an issue. I manage asthma with minimal medications. I exercise and eat healthily. My relationship with my wife, mother and myself are no longer bitter and full of anger. My marriage is no longer on the verge of divorce. I have discovered great amount of peace within me.  The huge baggage of agony I was carrying around in my life has vanished and I feel incredibly light. I don’t find the work at college a burden anymore. Landmark has given me with a vision and ability to do whatever I want to do. It has created a huge difference in my life. I am back on my feet and raring to go.  I am completely in control of my life now.

That brings me to the second question. Why the hell are you advertising for these guys?

Almost daily we share many things with people we know: the films which we enjoyed, the restaurants we feel people should check out, the schemes in market which are worth going in for, and the news we feel people should know. Are we marketing these things then? In a way, yes and in a way, no. We are promoting these things which would benefit the sellers- we are giving the word-of-mouth kind of publicity free of cost. All of us are marketing things daily- by talking about them or by wearing them or showing them to others.  But then we do it because we feel these things are VALUABLE and hence should be SHARED with people WHO WE VALUE in our life.  

So folks, here is the programme which can transform your life as it has done for me.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend was Stalked and Sexually harassed by a landmark education program leader.

All landmark program leaders are man whores, creeps!! Landmark is full of predators.Landmark Education claims are all Bullshit on providing an environment free from sexual or other forms of harassment. Please i beg all the GIRLS/WOMEN reading this to STAY AWAY from landmark forum.
I blame myself every day for registering my best friend into the landmark forum "I gave the landmark forum to her as her birthday gift"
She was so impressed with the landmark education work that she went on to do the Introductions leaders program and her lifes purpose became to become a leader in landmark education.The Worst happened to her she was stalked by a program leader, a married man!!She struggled to function for 3/4 months,she could not talk to him to stop, she finally complained to the Introductions leader program head.
She quit landmark and now she thinks of herself as incapable of dealing with situations in life. She is so beautiful and vibrant has become dull and silent.
We all friends wanted to go to the local newspaper here but my friend and her family refused.
I have started to discourage girls from joining landmark forum.
I pray that landmark education shuts down.