Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Philosophical Propositions ( for a change)

1 The Real is what is meaningful.

1.1 Meaning is produced by thinking

1.2 But thinking is not produced by thinking.

1.3 Thinking is neither meaningful nor real...

2 Reality is distinct from existence.
The existentialist slogan, `existence preceeds essence', makes sense when we see that essenses are actually constructs of human thought and language.

3. `A Thing' becomes `Something'only because of human thought-language.

4. Being of being preceeds human thought but it is only through language that being can become something


June Nandy Chaudhuri said...

I'd have loved to agree on your it transfers the power to language...also because few months back even I believed in this...but not as of today.

For the simple reason that being has essentially nothing to do with no thoughts is his own or created by his own self...everything is put into his head by the collective mind...the collective knowledge via language into I need them? If I say..need...or want...I cannot escape thought...but a being wants or needs for his survival...not for his 'being-ness' not sure whether I could make myself clear...

there is a being and there is a becoming of a being. what we concentrate mostly on is the 'becoming' of the being. So there you are!!

since we have to live so we need to experience;the moment we experience something...that becomes again a second hand thing...and there comes the suffering...but are we sure..we do not enjoy it or love it? :)

I am the doer...and there is another me inside 'watching me do'.does it make fun of a living misery? is not interested in just makes me realize that enlightenment and nirvana is the most bull-shit con thing that a man was handed with.

but I cannot comfort you with whatever you'd like to believe that our language actually empowers thoughts and all that kind of birth to more misery...

Sachin C. Ketkar said...

June, I love it more if you disagree. No I did not mean language empowers thoughts. I meant you cant separate them. What I said was more or less the same thing you are trying to say. Yes, thinking is collective and social. Yes, thinking is misery..but what we need to realize is that it is essentially meaningless. Besides I was also interested in seeing how our miseries are creation of our own thinking. I am not at all talking of nirvana. But it is interesting how you use an image straight from the Upanishads here ( unknowingly!) the Upanishads say that there are two birds in the tree. One is watching the other eat. There is a Watcher a Witness and the Witnessed...But I was NOT talking about these things at all...

June Nandy Chaudhuri said...

Sachin, I was reading Margaret Atwood and she said how the language carries the time-zones in the tenses. I wonder what would be 'time' if there wasn't any language. but ofcourse...the sun would rise and set and we'd have known.

Upanashidic? Yes...I've tried to learn whatever I could with my humble comprehension, from the Bhakti scriptures as well...extensively.

Thank you for the links in facebook. I'll gorge upon it.

Take care