Saturday, April 4, 2009

Literature and Evil

It is disgusting how Kabir is so so socially relevant today. It means that our society hasn't changed in six centuries. We still discriminate, hate and kill on the basis of caste, creed and religion. It is shameful. But then so is Shakespeare. Julius Caesar is still remains a textbook for me in politics. Probably because this animal called man doesn't change much. It is Osho, I think, who said that the world changes, man remains the same. Can literature change man? There are so many today, who in spite of overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary, believe that literature can bring about change in human nature. Gunther Grass's From the Diary of the Snail believes that Change occurs usually at snails pace. The Political is finished and the enigma of Evil is what it was. The Yaksha of the Mahabharata is not very pleased with the answers we have been giving. The Sphinx refuses to drown herself and Oedipus can only pluck out his eyes and banish himself. Crime and genocide waits for none.....

Do we need to revisit Nietzsche, the Prophet of Darkness, in the 21st century too?

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June Nandy Chaudhuri said...

You bet.

Lovely write. Thanks for the read.