Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend at the Kala Ghoda Festival 2009

I flew after a long time. My earlier experience of flying was in 2000 when I visited the UK for a conference. The trip, of course, was fun and the sight of mountains slouching like herd of dinosaurs was exciting. The hateful venonmous clouds of pollutions hanging over the star studded cities was not exactly a pleasant site.

The best thing about the weekend at the Kala Ghoda Festival on 13 and 14th Feb was meeting friends whom I met only on Orkut! I stumbled upon Prajakta, Alka Gadgil, Kiran Kendre and Vandana Khare on Orkut and met them in real life only on my last visit to Mumbai. I met Prajakta after almost 2 and half years of `online friendship'! That was indeed exciting.

Another interesting thing was GN Devy interviewed by Dilip Jhaveri. He does have a great knack for impressing people and I remember how awestruck we were when we were studying under him. He can be very intense and honest in his conviction and articulation. We all admire him for his work and for being who he is.

Rest of things I have mentioned on my other blog.

My throat infection was on its way even before I left for Mumbai and by the time I returned, I was completely hoarse. Feeling exhausted. I have to go to Pune next week for yet another seminar at the University of Pune. Before I leave I have to complete my exam duties etc.

I have brought plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar from the HM Library and hope that in future I might be able to watch them performed !!

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