Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Morbid and Sordid poetry of Sachin

Today a friend said that if you get a job at MS, you must admit that there is still some room for merit in this world and your poems will get less morbid.
Well, Sachin's poems are Morbid andSordid and cant help it.
I am too disillusioned about things to believe that getting a job or being a father or being loved is going to cure me of my suffering and pain.
Why is my poetry so `morbid' and `sordid'? I dont know. My poetics, my shastra of kavya is built on my vision of the world which is sordid and morbid and all that. So I try to incorporate as much `unpoetic' and `unaesthetic' elements as possible into the grammar of poetry. The grammar of poetry, for me, is that it is a language of symbols and images. It is a `second degree' language, language within the language, a dialect without the region, an idiolect without the speaker.
But I am NOT believer in the idea of `Pure Poetry' in the Symbolist fashion because I dont like the idea of Purity at all. I am great beliver in the essential Impurity of things.

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