Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sania, Patan, Raj Thackeray, Current Affairs and the Case of Dysfunctional State

Probably, India as a nation-state is too old to rise to the occasion, it has become senile and dysfunctional. That too in the times of late globalization. Sania Mirza refuses to play in Banglore Open as she is afraid of more fatwas and controversies. The Secular Republic which could not protect the poor innocent Muslims of Gujarat is incapable of protecting one of the best tennis players in the country from religious fundamentalists. A student in Patan, one of the famous towns of Gujarat, was gang raped repeatedly and the gang consisted of none others than her teachers! This is our lauded `Guru Shishya Parampara'. The state is unable to protect anyone it seems. The poor North Indian immigrants in Mumbai are targetted by the members of a political party headed Raj Thackeray who is trying to imitate his illustrious uncle in fanning anti-North Indian sentiments. Dozens of children and women in Nithari, a place near Noida were raped and killed and probably eaten and the Hindustan Hamara watched helplessly in horror. Pogroms and riots of Gujarat in 2002 or Nandigram violence, what emerges is the face of the nation which is simply incapable of protecting anyone. India Shining? I think we are living in one of the most insecure periods in the history of India.

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