Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cheeni Kum

Went to watch a movie in a theatre after more than three years! Cheeni Kum was a good experience, very funny and not stupid like most of the Hindi movies. Multiplex -Mall culture is here for good. Consumerism has become an acceptable lifestyle . I dont think it is evil as many of the elderly people tell us. Consumerism is here to stay and is part of our life. Brand conscious life style which irks my friend Hemant Divate so much is no doubt a new form of snobbery.
Anyway, Cheeni kum was good and the jokes were good. But I felt that the director got carried away by this humour thing and forgot to keep an eye on the later part of the script and had to hurriedly and abrubtly find resolution for the problem.
My doc has told me to implement the changes he suggested in my lifestyle. Havent been successful so far! But trying hard, no doubt. Depression is in check, thanks to better state of my health. Montair 10 mg is keeping asthma under control.
My MA Part II batch results were declared yesterday . It was my first batch at MSU.

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