Monday, April 9, 2007

The Phoenix?

After a hectic, depressing, sickening and stressful month, my life is slowly returning to normal. At least apparently. Asthma is more or less under control, thanks to regular intake of Montelukast. Assessment work for internal test is more or less over. Supervision etc is underway and the assessment for the university exams will begin soon. I am coming out of the Slough of Despond and the Giant Despair is loosening his grip over me. May be I am catching a glimpse of faint light at the other end of the tunnel of this Dark Night of the Soul.

Love is a healing agent. The cupid kindly pays a visit to me and instead of shooting me he holds out his helping hand. Optimism? I am not famous for that. Was reading about the Generation X, the generation born in the sixties and seventies and discovered that cynicism and disillusionment is trade mark of my generation. Well thats true at least in my case.Wow, it is almost a year after I changed the job and came to Baroda. I have remained extremely busy with extra-curricular activities through out the year. But the activities are better, related to literature and culture at least.

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